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lucanna Grey

Hi John, I wanted to respond to your first blog. I was reminded of a weekend I spent with Claudio Narrano, in the early 80's, He called the workshop interpersonal gestalt. And we did mindfullness meditation then partnered up and worked with awareness. I found it exciting, however exhausting. Hopefuilly I am easier with myself about being present. the other thing that I was "taken" with in your first blog was the attention to detail that one learns with mindfullness as well as with therapy. I find that I am exquisitly attentive in therapy to the details and ofter, like you, question a person who comes with excuses and ask them to reflect on what this means interms of responsibility, or the ability to respong, etc. I find, however, that in my daily life I tend to overlook details with friends or am slow to respond, being a natural "muller"! I enjoyed the first and will look forward to reading the rest. Lu

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