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Handi Lift

Bob Dylan is one of the great artists of all time. I can only imagine his popularity if he had a sultry Paul McCartney voice.

Jenn Pien

Since I view my world through my child's eyes right now I wish to thank you for this piece on Bob Dylan and comment that I spent yesterday afternoon sitting with Jumpin' Josie at Border's and one of the books we most appreciated together was Bob Dylan's Forever Young, for children but apparently with visual references for Dylan fans to appreciate.

Sidney Edsall

Hey- Maybe he was singing to Joan Baez- his ex-lover in the early sixties. She was known as "the Queen of Folk" about the time they met. and the religious references in the song would make sense too. Her father's father was a methodist minister and her mother's father had been a episcopal priest. Her father considered becoming a minister as well, but then became a physicist. Joan was raised as a quaker. Her father's home could possibly have had fireproof floors- metaphorically, but maybe literally too. He was a co-inventor of the x-ray microscope. She does have a lovely smile. I don't know if she wears a cute hat though. Certainly, she would remind Dylan of a woman he had once known- maybe 20 years back when they were dating. I wonder if she used to call him "big daddy". And maybe he couldn't have given her all that she wanted and needed- he was just becoming known when they first met- crowds would actually boo dylan if joan invited him on her stage. Maybe he was just half the man she needed at the time- he was only 20 yo. And so was the swift flick of the wrist which got rid of the queen-was that his own wrist too? Had he chosen all that was offered to him at that time- all the fame and glory of becoming a successful musician and all the evil deeds that come with that and left Joan behind? Their relationship essentially ended when he went on a tour through the UK in 1965. Maybe it was his abuse during that time she'd put up with. He had a hx of quite a temper, sometimes violent.
In the late 70's, Joan's career was thriving. She'd moved on to bigger labels, CBS Records signed her on in 1977. She sang at the Grammys in 1983. By the way, she sang dylan's song 'Blowin' in the Wind'. And she was very involved politically and with humanitarian efforts. Is Dylan chastising her a bit for hanging out with the big politicians, wheeling and dealing herself a bit with CBS? It's all behind the scenes I guess. I don't know who '"the boss" is though. Maybe a boyfriend at the time, maybe the head of CBS Records (later sold to Sony by the way). And did you know that Joan lives right here in Woodside and went to Palo Alto HS? You probably did know that.
I like Jesus alright. I like him fine as a man or a woman- whatever. I doubt Bob Dylan is singing the song to a female Jesus though. I never really got into his Christian period, but I can't quite picture him singing to a she-Jesus in a dive bar. But, I'll ride the metaphorical wave with you. Thanks John!


What a great post that combines so many interesting threads of popular culture, mysticism, lyricism, and personal realationships!

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